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Anesthesia Types

General Anesthesia

Medications are administered to render the patient completely unconscious and pain free during a procedure either intravenously or by inhalation. Airway management is an important part of this type of anesthesia either by an airway device or face mask. Additional medications such as narcotic pain killers are provided during and after the procedure to keep the patients comfortable.

Regional Anesthesia

This type of anesthesia involves an injection of local anesthetic to decrease pain in a region of the body. Spinal anesthesia can be very effective as a primary anesthetic for orthopedic surgery. Other regional anesthesia techniques are also very effective at significantly decreasing surgical pain AFTER your procedure. MAC and general anesthesia are frequently used in conjunction with these techniques.

Monitored Anesthesia Care

Or "MAC" anesthesia is IV sedation provided by one of our qualified anesthesia providers during a procedure. Frequently the patient is unconscious for the entire surgical procedure. Local anesthesia is frequently given in conjunction with this anesthesia type to help with post operative pain control. Patients are monitored continuously to provide a safe and comfortable operative experience.